About us

Behind the scenes

You may ask: Who are they?
We are Jenni and Thomas with boxers Daciano and Lucky-Luke. Luckys nickname had to be part of our name. So we went for LUCKY DOG CAMPER.
There is also a little child, our son is almost two years old and you may have the chance to hear him, if you contact us personally.

Once upon a time...

there were two cute boxer dogs looking forward to a vacation. They decided to take there owners with them, just in case…
But in case didn`t come up, because we had no chance to rent a camper with those buddies. That was point of decision  number one: We created and started LUCKY DOG CAMPER – our own rental system for all doglovers who also want to take a relaxing and safe vacation with there best buddies.
Safety First and dogs need a place are our two main viewpoints.
Do you want to know more?

LDC-SYSTEMS - for your dog's safety!

Next decision came up not to long after our rental start. There was this idea and vision of seeing more people having fun with their campers and their dogs. It took us a while to develope our own installation system. But we made it and we are so proud of it!
After some conversations we could proudly present our exclusively cooperation with KNAUS. What does that mean? All of you can get our own-developed installation system to have your own Lucky Dog Camper. How? Contact us or speak to your KNAUS dealer. They will help you and build in our kit.
If there are any questions please let us know.
We look forward to helping to.



Is of the utmost importance for us! In our opinion, transportation with safety harnesses or in mobile (plastic) boxes is not safe enough. This is why we have now introduced our installation system with sturdy and generously sided dog boxes. These are suitable for even a number of large dogs and provide internal and external access at all times.


As our experience shows. Particularly in the restricted space of a mobile home, it is important for a dog to have its own space. Why? Because camping holidays are also exciting for dogs and (initially) they also have to process their own impressions. That is why they need their own space to withdraw to or where they can sleep.

Our high-quality, own-developed and protected installation system from LDC systems turns your mobile home into a Lucky Dog Camper!
Only allow dogs to be taken along with a camper and putting in a water bowl is not our idea of a real dog camper.

Aside from that we developed a high-quality installation system, we have also developed other features such as the LDC Leash System. You can easily leash your dog and secure it directly on your camper. This fetaure is easy to handle and available each time you need it, without any preparations. Your dog is safe and you all can relax. Isn’t that a beautiful imagination?

Now you have the option of simply retrofitting the installation system for your KNAUS camper or of ordering a kit for your new vehicle directly from your trusted KNAUS dealer.

We are constantly working on further developments and extras. Stay tuned.


You are customer?

For ordering and installation, please contact your trusted KNAUS specialist dealer.

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